Inkscape: Revolucionary new feature

Introduction to Inkscape's Geometry Constructions Tool from Alexandre Prokoudine on Vimeo.

It's a quick and dirty demo of Geometry Constructions tool (internally known as LPE Tool) in Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor. This tool, aimed to provide means for technical drawing, was developed during Google Summer of Code 2008, but was never enabled in any release, because it was considered unfinished. I don't quite agree with this decision, because despite of some little annoyances it works fine for me most of the time.

The tool makes a heavy use of about ten of live path effects developed specifically for it. Only Ruler effect survived the surgery and is available in Inkscape since 0.47 or so. The rest can be enabled after tweaking source code. You can read more about it here:​forum/​viewthread.php?thread_id=64

This video is also a kind of request to resurrect the tool and give it to the masses :)

Sorry about quality of some bits. I had to rely on xvidcap (long story) which lost frames like a drunkard.

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