Font Survey: 41 of the Best Monospaced Programming Fonts

Font Survey: 41 of the Best Monospaced Programming Fonts

Tem brinde :)
BPmono (regular + italics + bold)

(Updated) BPmono (regular + italics + bold) | download (3994 downloads)
A monospaced typeface suitable for technical texts and/or programming. BPmono and BPmono Bold are manually hinted from 9px to 16px making it appropriate for use in various advanced text and programming editors (eg. Visual Studio .net, Visual Web Developer, MS Word etc). All three fonts are available in TTF format.
Tip: A monospaced font should always be aligned left (or right, at worst) and never justified or centered in order to remain actually monospaced.
Changes: BPmono Bold is introduced, while BPmono and BPmono Italics faced some glyph and hinting corrections (many thanks to Nick Tzanos for his help and suggestions).

Eu recomendo esta pois diferencia o zero do "O" maiúsculo:


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