Firefox 1.1 suportará gráficos SVG

No site da W3C há um link sobre o firefox 1.1, segundo o site a versão 1.1 do firefox suportará o formato svg.

veja o link do firefox:

2005-04-15: Firefox 1.1: Confirmed Support for SVG

In a recent MozillaZine article, confirmation comes that Firefox 1.1 will include SVG support. Since it is the first release and may be have serious bugs, it is turned off by default and requires changing a preference to be activated, but this is nevertheless a great step forward. Please join in congratulating the Mozilla team for their excellent work, and don't forget that if you have some programming skills, you can help!

Update [2005-4-15 15:9:33 by darobin]: Apparently the preference to control the presence of SVG will in fact be "on" by default, unless things crop up that prevent it being that way. It will be possible to turn it off so as to revert control over SVG content to a plugin for instance. Great news indeed, and many kudos to the people behind that achievement.

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