O que esperar do inkscape 0.47

A nova versão do inkscape, com previsão de lançamento para 15 de junho de 2009 terá muitas novidades, desta feita como sempre , o foco desta release é melhorar a legibilidade do código para permitir um desenvolvimento de longo prazo mais consistente e fácil de manter, entretanto muitas novidades virão, abaixo listei algumas das muitas novidade, mas se desejar ver tudo clique no link abaixo. :)

New effects

  • Sketch: Simulates hand-drawn lines. A set of parameters lets you tune the effect. They are all summarized in this picture.
  • Hatches Fills the given shape with rough, configurable and randomized hatches, simulating a quick hand drawing.
  • von Koch: This effect creates fractal pictures. A collection of transformations (rotations, rescalings, etc...) is recursively applied to the input path. The transforms are derived from a "reference" path (a line segment) and a "generating" path (basically a collection of segments): the thransforms are the one needed to move the reference onto each segment of the generating path (components in the generating path having more than one segment might be used to define shearing/mirroring transforms). A famous example is the von Koch's snowflake.
Warning: the complexity of the output path grows exponentially fast with the number of generations. As a guardrail, an (editable) complexity bound is provided, above which the effect is disabled.
  • Knot: Creates a knot from a flat self intersecting curve. At each crossing, one string is interrupted to make it look like going under the other. The "sign" of each crossing can be set independantly.

UniConvertor-based import and export

Inkscape can now use UniConvertor to import files of the following types:

  • Corel DRAW Compressed Exchange files (CCX)
  • Corel DRAW 7-X4 document files (CDR)
  • Corel DRAW 7-X4 Template files (CDT)
  • Corel DRAW Presentation Exchange files (CMX)
  • sK1 files (SK1)
  • Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM)
  • Windows Metafiles (WMF)

Inkscape can now use UniConvertor to export files of the following types:

  • Windows Metafiles (WMF)
  • sK1 files (SK1)

Text objects are not supported as of UniConvertor 1.1.1.

On Windows, UniConvertor is included with Inkscape distribution and does not require separate installation.


Autosave has now been added to allow for automatic timed backups as work goes on. Saved versions are put in a designated directory and do not overwrite the original SVG file and each other. Go to Inkscape Preferences, Autosave tab, to enable this feature and specify the backup time interval, the directory, and the maximum number of saved backups (if this number is exceeded, old backups will start to be deleted).

Guides essa sugestão foi minha :)

  • Guides can now be rotated using the mouse. Each guide has an anchor that determines the point around which it rotates.
  • There is now an option to treat groups as single objects during conversion to guides (as opposed to converting each object inside the group separately).
Veja também o anúncio no site do inkscape brasil.

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