English: Ever heard of Language loops?

See a sample lesson below - to visit the web site: http://language-loops.com

Hey!~ Kick-Start Your English. Get speaking now! Language~Loops is a new speech training program focusing on Speech Rhythms of Everyday American English.
~It's Easy. Let's Get Started.
1. Listen closely to the speakers speech rhythm.
2. Try to copy the rhythm and pronunciation exactly.
3. Follow the Phonetic Sound Spellings while you listen.
4. Exercise and strengthen your speaking skills by repeating these phrases often.
5. Start your Free account for the full phonetic lessons @ www.language-loops.com
Have you studied or been exposed to English for years but still find it difficult to get into the natural flow of speaking fluently? It's not your fault. There is only so much that book learning can do for us. What's been missing all those years of study is SOUND & SPEECH RHYTHM. Every native fluent speaker has a deep "Sound~Memory" that gives them a natural advantage for easy communication. That means they FEEL the language and don't have to THINK about it.
Chance are you already know enough about language and English to speak it well. You just need some practice with Real Sounds & Real Speech Rhythms. Now you've found Language~Loops so there's no more waiting. Jump-in and get your Speak on!
Catch,ya later!
Contact: Languageloops@gmail.com

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